Cégep Vert gives mention d’excellence, special recognition for Dawson College’s Carbon Neutral Forever initiative

Over 50 people involved in sustainability and well-being for all initiatives and projects in cegeps across Quebec were at Dawson College Sept. 5 for a meeting of Cégep Vert du Québec.

Dawson College and other cegeps received certifications related to their environmental stewardship programs and educational practices.

In recognition of Dawson’s pledge to become Carbon Neutral Forever, Dawson received special recognition for this achievement as well as a mention d’excellence.

“The evaluation committee that reviewed your submission wishes to congratulate you for the excellent work that has been accomplished,” Catherine Gauthier, Director General of ENvironnement JEUnesse wrote in the letter certifying Dawson’s level as excellent. “Your institution demonstrates leadership and an impressive proactive approach.”

“Your college has positioned itself as an inspiring model for the Cégep Vert network. Your many and ambitious actions and measures deserve to be shared and copied in the college milieu. We are overjoyed to count you an active member of our network!”

Right before the certifications were announced in Dawson’s beautiful Colab, featuring a living garden wall, Dawson College was called forward to receive a special recognition for being Carbon Neutral Forever. Cégep Vert said that Dawson has shown “phenomenal commitment” by making this pledge.

Véronique Paris, Coordinator of Building Services, was the one who came forward for the honour. Véronique’s department, Plant and Facilities, was thanked for the amazing support they have all given to this achievement.

“I am very proud of our vision,” said Chris Adam of Dawson’s Sustainability Office. “We started with a small budget in 2006 and now we have four full-time staff working for Sustainability and Well-Being for All. Thank you Mr. Richard Filion for the vision that made this possible.”

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