Vanier College

Vanier College and the Vanier College Foundation awards $32,700 in 2023 Entrance Scholarships

Vanier College is very pleased to announce that, at a ceremony held on November 28th, 2023, $32,700 in Entrance Scholarships provided jointly by the Vanier College Foundation and the Office of the Academic Dean were awarded to the top new students beginning their studies at Vanier College in the fall 2023 semester.
The Office of the Academic Dean contributed $20,000 for the awards, and the Vanier College Foundation contributed $12,700. The scholarships are awarded annually to high school students in recognition of outstanding academic entrance qualifications. This year, a total of 213 students received scholarships.
Congratulations to this year’s three top recipients: Maya Samore Bouakeo in Honours Health Science, who received a $500 scholarship for the highest overall average; Aurélie Anidjar, Health Science, who received a $400 scholarship for the second highest overall average; and Emilie Béliveau also in Health Science, who received a $300 scholarship for the third highest overall average coming into Vanier.
Thirty-six students each received scholarships of $150 for having the highest average coming into their program (85% or higher). As well, another 174 students who had averages of 90% or higher regardless of their program also received $150 bursaries.
In speaking to this year’s recipients Vanier Academic Dean, Sandrina Joseph, said “Today marks not just a recognition of your past academic achievements, but also the beginning of an exciting journey into higher education, a journey where the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth intertwine. Remember that the journey ahead may pose challenges, but challenges are the stepping stones to success. Use every obstacle as an opportunity to learn, grow, and redefine your capabilities. Your scholarship is also a vote of confidence in your ability to overcome challenges in order to contribute meaningfully to our society.”
Following the ceremony, students attended a reception with family and friends.
Congratulations to all these deserving students.
For information please contact: Marguerite Corriveau, Vanier Communications Officer, 514-744-7500 ext. 7596

Montreal, December 6, 2023.