Dawson College will remain mostly a virtual campus for Summer and Fall semesters

12 mai 2020 - Dawson College will continue to offer most courses online for the Summer and Fall Semesters in order to protect its students and staff and the greater Montreal community. Montreal remains a hot zone for COVID-19.

The Ministry of Education has directed all CEGEPs and universities in Montreal to continue offering courses online. There will be some exceptions under strict protocols for courses that cannot be delivered online and are deemed essential for students to develop competencies necessary for graduation.

Reasons for remaining virtual
Some of the reasons for remaining mostly virtual include the necessity of maintaining a minimum two-metre distance between people, the importance of avoiding unnecessary congestion on the public transit system and the absence of a vaccine.

Limited learning activities on campus
Dawson College has established a task force to prepare for a partial re-opening of the college for activities that must take place on campus for a small and limited number of students and teachers. Some learning activities could begin as early as the week of May 25. There will be appropriate health and safety measures in compliance with public health advice and protocols.

Students, teachers and staff have shown great resilience and a strong capacity to adapt to an unprecedented situation that continually imposes new demands.

Risks are real
The crisis that we all had hoped would be short-lived is turning into something far more prolonged. While the number of new cases in Montreal appear to be abating, the pandemic's lingering impact and potential for a sudden, new outbreak are very real. To meet this ongoing challenge will require renewed individual and collective effort, flexibility and creativity.

Improving resources for students and staff
To sustain and enhance a suitable educational and working environment that must remain largely virtual during these exceptional circumstances, the College is committed to improving resources to support students and employees.

Dawson College is committed to providing updates as they become available. Staff are updated via emails to All Dawson, students are updated through the Omnivox (My Dawson Portal) platform and members of the public are updated through the College website.

We encourage our students and staff to refer to the resources available on our Virtual Campus.