Collège Centennial

3641, avenue Prud'homme


H4A 3H6

514 486-5533


Centennial’s mission is to give each student the support needed to reach his or her full potential in an environment that promotes independence, respect, self-esteem and the desire to succeed. We encourage our students to strive for their personal best in order to become responsible, well-rounded global citizens. 

Understanding yourself and applying this knowledge to achieve your full potential. This is the most important value we instill in each student that comes through the doors of Centennial Academy. We embrace a philosophy that focuses on the student as an individual, providing him or her with the tools and the encouragement needed to thrive not only academically, but socially, athletically and artistically.

Strive for excellence in all that you do

The cornerstone of Centennial Academy's approach to education is the Individual Success Plan we develop for each student. This plan identifies and addresses students' individual needs and includes ongoing evaluations to monitor progress made on the path towards accomplishing his or her goals.

Centennial Academy has an outstanding record of achievement, highlighting the effectiveness of our results-oriented approach designed for a wide range of learners. We help students visualize what they can be and work with them to map out the path they can take to get there.