A DEC-BAC agreement between Vanier College and Laval University fast-tracks students through a Biology degree

September 21, 2016 - Vanier College is pleased to announce that it has signed a DEC-BAC agreement with Laval University. The agreement allows students graduating from the Vanier Environmental and Wildlife Management Program to fast track through a Biology degree at Laval University. “We’re very pleased to have this agreement in place and to be able to tell our students that getting a Bachelor of Biology at Laval University can be done in two years instead of the usual three after Cegep studies,” said Quentin van Ginhoven, an Environmental and Wildlife Management Program teacher who worked on the agreement with Laval.

Vanier’s Director General John McMahon is especially pleased with the agreement. “We would like to see far more DEC-BAC agreements between Vanier programs and various universities. The benefits of recognizing skills and studies already acquired and putting students on a faster track for obtaining a bachelor’s degree can be a good incentive for them to persist in their studies and do well,” he said.

For students interested in different types of environmental studies, Laval is an important centre of research in Quebec and Canada. For example, the Centre for Forest Research is the largest forest ecology research group in Canada and one of the biggest in the world. And, for students interested in research on wildlife species, Laval is the place to be. Another important institute is the Centre for Northern Studies, which focusses on the land, freshwater and coastal environments of the North, and how they react to climatic and socio-economic change.

“The opportunities for research and learning and for future employment through the university’s research centres makes Laval University a very attractive partner for a DEC-BAC agreement. It definitely offers great opportunities for students graduating from our program,” said Quentin van Ginhoven.

The Vanier Environmental and Wildlife Management Program has been especially active in seeking out DEC-BAC opportunities for graduates of its program. The agreement with Laval is just the latest in a list of universities inside and outside the province that offer advantages and advanced credits to Environmental and Wildlife Management graduates applying to some of their programs. Université de Montréal, Bishop’s University and the University of Cape Breton are just a few of the other institutions with whom Vanier has agreements. And more are in the works.


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